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-Driver must be over 21 years old with maximum Age of 75 Years. ( for 21 years old and 70 to 75 years old , conditions apply )

-Drivers, before you leave, please always make sure you have your valid driving license with you (driving license held for a minimum of 1 year or more). This is the only document you need to present (no passport etc). -We are not permitted by our insurance company to accept photocopies or out of date licenses.

European Union driving license:
– A valid, European Union driving license, held for at least one year is required.

Driver’s licenses holders, outside EU countries & International Driving Permit ( I.D.P. ):
  Driver’s licenses holders, outside EU countries, not members of the 1968  Vienna and Geneva convention, must be accompanied by a valid International Driving Permit ( I.D.P. ) Please note that an International Driving Permit IDP, does not replace the requirement for a regular driving license as Greek law requires that you have the official International Driving Permit to show along as well.

Please note :
– An International Driving Permit ( I.D.P. ) is NOT REQUIRED  if driver’s  domestic license,  meets the requirements of both, 1968  Vienna and Geneva conventions and the domestic license can be used directly in Greece  and that includes – the new plastic ones from :
 -Israeli Driving license ,
 -Russian Driving licence ,
 -Swiss Driving license as well
-For further info if your country has signed both 1968  Vienna and Geneva conventions and your local plastic Driving License is valid in Greece to rent a car, please check with your local automobile club back home  OR feel free to ask us and we ‘ll be happy to help you !!


– One day is the minimum rental period. ‘COSMORENT’ allows a further period of 30 minutes at the end of the rental. After this time has expired the renter will be charged a further full day.

-Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting  from any violation of the Greek Traffic Law, during rental period are borne  solely by the renter.

– With the F. C. D. W. Insurance the renter is FULLY COVERED from any  legal liability for damage to the car, with NO EXCESS  up to € for bodily injuries and € for property damages. That means, in case of a collision with another car and being your fault, you will have to pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, ZERO !!  We’ll help you to do, all the necessary paper work you may need in case of an accident, without you having to worry, on where to go, who do you have to speak or meet etc, meaning that you can get on with your holiday, without worries. – When we say: Easy and a hassle free rental with a personalized service that works and that is second to none, we mean it !
Please note:-Our F. C .D. W. Insurance, doesn’t cover reckless driving or willfully made damage. It doesn’t cover damages caused when vehicle is driven off road and on non-tar marked roads. It doesn’t cover if driver is under the influence of drink or drugs and driver does not present a police report of the incident.  Then driver may be liable for the full cost of the damage.

– Theft Protection Insurance relieves the renter from all financial responsibility for loss or damages to the “COSMORENT”  vehicle with NO excess !!

– Covers the renter and the additional authorized drivers versus third parties in case of injury and for property damage up to €.

-PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE: (P. A. I.)for the occupants up to €. Personal Accident Insurance covers the driver and each passenger, for all car groups for medical expenses 1.500.00 € and for loss of life or total/partial permanent disablement 70.000.00 € and 17.600.00 € respectively. Aggregate indemnity for every accident is limited to 88.000.00 €.

-FIRE / VANDALISM  INSURANCE COVER (F. I. C.) in the value of the vehicle. with no EXCESS !!!

-GLASS PROTECTION INSURANCE COVER (G.P. I.)  Windscreens, Glasses and Mirrors. with no EXCESS !!!

-Third Party Insurance (T.P.I.) with no excess and up to € for bodily injuries and 1.220.000 00 € euro for property damage
-Physical harm to third persons up to €.
-Driver’s Personal Accident Insurance (D.P.A.I.)
-Property damage to third persons up to €.

-Please note : None of the Above Insurances Policies apply if driver is under the influence of drink or drugs. You may be liable for the full cost of the damage.

-For cancellations within 8 days – or more – before the reservation date:
There are NO cancelation fees charged and you do get your money back in full.
-For cancellations within 3-7days of hire before the reservation date :
A cancellation fee equivalent to a Three (3) Day Rental fee
-For cancellations 24 hours to 48 hours of hire before the date reservation :
A cancellation fee equivalent to a Half the Cost of the Rental.
-For cancellations less than 24 hours or No Show At All :
Up and not excluding the full cost of the Rental.
Please note: Alteration of reservation is free of charge.

-All cars are thoroughly checked and  valeted prior o rental, if a car is returned a very dirty interior or exterior condition, an additional cleaning charge of 40.00 euros will be levied.

-Drivers are no permitted to use vehicle for towing.

Legislation in Greece bans smoking in public places, workplaces and vehicles. Please be aware that all rental cars are now decreed as non-smoking environments. It is now an offence to smoke or knowingly permit smoking in our rental cars. We operate a NO SMOKING policy in all our vehicles
PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE IN OUR CARS. We are unable to re-rent cars in a smoky conditions , we charge a 90.00 euros full interior valet surcharge, if the vehicle is returned with the interior in a smoky soiled condition.

-‘COSMORENT’ allows pets to ride in our vehicles provided they are properly contained in a travel kennel, container or cage at all times.
– For the health and comfort of subsequent renters of thevehicle who may be allergic to animal dander, the vehicle must be returned in its original condition with no animal hair or feathers anywhere or in the vehicle.
Renters whose vehicles require a detailed cleaning to remove animal hair or address sanitary issues will be assessed a 90.00 euros fee.

– All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel at the start of the hire.
Customers may:
– purchase this tank of fuel at a discounted rate and return the vehicle empty,
– or return the vehicle full at the end of the rental,
– or return the vehicle part full and be charged for missing fuel at the end of the rental at the locally determined price.
-Please note: In some cases and due to hours collect/delivery, renter is required to return the car at the same amount of petrol as when the car was taken.
Please also note: No refund will be given for unused fuel at the end of rental.

-Only with the prior written agreement from  ‘COSMORENT’

-Only with the prior written agreement from ‘COSMORENT’
All with no extra hidden costs !!

´COSMORENT` Rent a Car 4 Less !
-Easy and Hassle Free Rental with a Personalized Service  that Works and that is second to none !!
email: info@cosmorent.gr
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